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Building on the past to sustain the future

Report summarizes the recommendations from CAHP’s Workroom series on Building Reuse for Climate Action

A series of workrooms were organized last fall as a forum to discuss the challenges and possibilities for the reuse of existing buildings and to advocate for building reuse as positive climate action. The Green Paper summarizes the discussions from those events and provides a number of useful resources and tools to support the work of our members in this regard.

The Green Paper Report

Le rapport résume les recommandations de la série des ateliers de l’ACECP sur la réutilisation des bâtiments pour l’action climatique.

Une série d’ateliers a été organisée l’automne dernier pour discuter des défis et des possibilités de réutilisation des bâtiments existants et pour défendre la réutilisation des bâtiments en tant qu’action climatique positive.  Le livre vert résume les échanges survenus dans le cadre de ces activités et contient plusieurs outils et ressources utiles pour soutenir les efforts de nos membres à cet égard.

Le rapport du livre vert


CAHP Governing Heritage Series, 2023-24

Governing Heritage Series: Alberta

Governing Heritage Series: Ontario

Governing Heritage Series: Yukon

CAHP Workroom Series

Equity & Diversity in Heritage

This CAHP Workroom explores equity, diversity and inclusion within the field of heritage conservation. Panelists Cody Groat, Stephanie Mah, Maryssa Barras and moderator Elijah Sabadlan discuss how various aspects of the field of heritage conservation are approaching equity, diversity and inclusion.

Housing and Heritage in Ontario

During a Lunch and Learn event, CAHP partnered with its Ontario chapter OAHP to host a discussion on the Report of the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force Recommendations, the More Homes for Everyone Plan, and their potential impact on Heritage Planning.

Adaption and Reuse of Buildings

Carleton’s School of Architecture speaks on their SSHRC-funded program to investigate case studies of adaption and rehabilitation of existing buildings across Canada. CAHP is a partner with the SSHRC-funded initiative on quality in our built environment.

ERA Architects has advanced research on this important early 20th century firm. CAHP invited David Winterton to give an update on the Frank Darling Book Project genesis and methods, how our narrative on Darling & Pearson’s work and stature is evolving to include its sociopolitical and patronage context. He discusses previously unshared bank architecture materials that have recently come to light and posit that architectural output within the greater story of the perfection of the Canadian Banking system.

Climate Action Through Building Reuse (2021)

In CAHP’s 2021 workrooms, heritage professionals explored how they could participate and provide solutions for climate action. This five-part series explored important industry topics from different viewpoints including planning, architecture, engineering, and trades, and culminated in a session at the 2021 CAHP-National Trust Conference.

1. Planners and the Planet

2. Designing the Future

3. Engineering an Equalizer

4. Trades and Climate

5. Heritage Reset

TEDxCAHP Countdown (2020)

In this partnership with Ted Talks, CAHP worked with a number of heritage organizations to draw attention to climate change and heritage conservation at a virtual TEDx Countdown event in 2020. Speakers urged viewers to rethink how our world approaches existing buildings and consider how these buildings can be part of the solution to address our climate crisis.

Conservation of energy & existing heritage values (Larissa Ide)

Save buildings, fight climate change (Jennifer O’Connor)

Existing buildings make good business (Kevin Bates)

Building Reuse = Climate Action (Mark Thompson Brandt)