On the CAHP Learning Resources page you will find videos and resources related to events that CAHP has organized or participated in, with a strong focus on climate action and heritage conservation.

CAHP Workroom Events 2022

Lunch and Learn

During a Lunch and Learn event, CAHP partnered with its Ontario chapter OAHP to host a discussion on the Report of the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force Recommendations, the More Homes for Everyone Plan, and their potential impact on Heritage Planning.

CAHP Workroom: Lunch & Learn
in collaboration with Ontario Association of Heritage Professionals

CAHP Workroom Events 2021

2021 Theme: Climate Action Through Building Reuse
In the inaugural CAHP Workroom, heritage professionals explored how they could participate and provide solutions for climate action. This five-part series explored important industry topics from different viewpoints including planning, architecture, engineering, and trades, and culminated in a session at the 2021 National Trust Conference.

CAHP Workroom 1: Planners and the Planet

CAHP Workroom 2: Designing the Future

CAHP Workroom 3: Engineering an Equalizer

CAHP Workroom 4: Trades and Climate

CAHP Workroom 5: Heritage Reset

TEDxCAHP Countdown 2020

In this partnership with Ted Talks, CAHP worked with a number of heritage organizations to draw attention to climate change and heritage conservation at a virtual TEDx Countdown event. Speakers urged viewers to rethink how our world approaches existing buildings and consider how these buildings can be part of the solution to address our climate crisis.

Conservation of energy and existing heritage values with Larissa Ide

Save buildings, fight climate change with Jennifer O’Connor

Existing buildings make good business with Kevin Bates

Building Reuse = Climate Action with Mark Thompson Brandt