Chapters are groups of CAHP – ACECP members residing or working in a region as determined by CAHP – ACECP’s Board of Directors; the chapter may form a society of its own and may offer its members provincial occupational title protection, in conformance with local legislations. The chapters provide a venue for dialogue between local heritage practitioners, opportunities for leadership, continuing education and community outreach as well as support a network for professional advice and social interaction among the members of the heritage community.

Chapters advance the recognition and practice of heritage professionals at the regional level where the national organization does not have jurisdiction. Chapters extend the effectiveness of CAHP – ACECP as a national organization.

All CAHP – ACECP members are automatically members of the Chapter of his/her region. Each active Chapter will be allocated yearly a proportion of the CAHP – ACECP`s membership fee of each of the Chapter`s members living in its region. Each Chapter provide a yearly report to the CAHP – ACECP`s Annual General Meeting. The report outlines membership, chapter activities and financial status.

Each Chapter has its own Board of Directors who represents the chapter and reports to the CAHP – ACECP Board of Directors. Each Chapter is accountable for its operation and its budget. Chapters  support CAHP – ACECP’s mission and authority as a national organization.

Currently, the CAHP – ACECP membership is divided into five regions:

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British Columbia & The Yukon
Location: Vancouver
President: Lisa Seip
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Ontario & Nunavut
Location: Toronto
President: Arran Brannigan
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Location: Montreal
President: Natalie Smith
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Atlantic Region
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Prairies and Northern Territories
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