Professional Membership in the Association provides the following benefits:

  • a professional level listing on the CAHP – ACECP website
  • use of the CAHP – ACECP accreditation acronym after your name
  • notice of meetings and professional interest workshops sponsored by the Association
  • participation in the Annual General Meeting, and voting privileges as a professional member
  • opportunity to serve the organization as a volunteer and/or be elected as a Director
  • representation of the Association’s position at government hearings
  • contact and fellowship with other professionals in your field of interest
  • informative publications, forums and information

Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

The Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals, hereafter referred to as the “Association”, has several objectives in establishing a code of professional conduct and ethics, notably:

  • the establishment of guidelines for members to follow when conducting their professional affairs;
  • the establishment of a set of standards to which members must comply;
  • ensuring that the interests of the public in general and the clients in particular will be properly served by members of the Association.

Membership Categories

Professional membership provides the right to vote in all matters of the association, to be elected to office, and to receive all membership benefits. Professionals are encouraged to volunteer in support of the association and to attend the Annual General Meeting.
CAHP – ACECP Interns have completed their studies, have a minimum of 12 months of total direct heritage experience in the heritage field, are currently employed in a heritage field, typically spending more than about 50% of their employment focused on heritage work.
Inactive or Retired
Inactive or Retired Members have previously held CAHP – ACECP Professional status but are no longer currently employed or consulting in the heritage field.
Student membership is available to those who are currently enrolled in a post secondary education program full time or part time and not employed or consulting in the heritage field.
Subscriber Membership is open to individuals or institutions who would like to receive information from the association, but who cannot be, or do not wish to be Professional members.
Level Price  
Professional applicant/Frais de dossier professionel $77.54 now and then $298.96 per Year. Select
Intern applicant/Frais de dossier stagiaire $26.05 now and then $185.68 per Year. Select
Professional membership/Adhésion professionel $298.96 per Year. Select
Intern membership/Adhésion stagiaire $185.68 per Year. Select
Retired/Inactive membership/Adhésion inactif ou retraité $51.80 per Year. Select
Student membership/Adhésion étudiant $26.03 per Year. Select
Subscriber membership/Adhésion abonné $51.80 per Year. Select

Please note there is a 3% charge to the fees when you pay online.

For those who wish to pay by cheque the fees are the following:

  • Professional applicant: $75.00
  • Intern applicant: $25.00
  • Professional membership: $290.00
  • Intern membership: $180.00
  • Retired/Inactive membership: $50.00
  • Student membership: $25.00
  • Subscriber membership: $50.00

Please send the cheques to the CAHP|ACECP Office to 190 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1R 6H4.