CAHP has defined a heritage professional as the following:

A Heritage Professional is a person who has specialized knowledge, supported by formal training and/or work experience, in the conservation and stewardship of cultural heritage. By becoming a member of CAHP, you become part of Canada’s largest network of heritage professionals. The Professional conforms to accepted technical and ethical standards and works in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the person’s specialty heritage field and the jurisdictions of practice.

CAHP offers the following types of memberships:

For those with 3-7 years of professional experience

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For new graduates & early career professionals

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For post-secondary students

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For those retired or currently inactive from a career in heritage conservation

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For individuals who would like to receive information and updates from CAHP 

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Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

The Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals has several objectives in establishing a code of professional conduct and ethics, notably:

  • The establishment of guidelines for members to follow when conducting their professional affairs;
  • The establishment of a set of standards to which members must comply; and
  • Ensuring that the interests of the public in general and the clients in particular will be properly served

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