A CAHP heritage professional is:

is a person who has specialized knowledge, supported by formal training and/or work experience, in the conservation and stewardship of cultural heritage. By becoming a member of CAHP, you become part of Canada’s largest network of heritage professionals. The Professional conforms to accepted technical and ethical standards and works in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the person’s specialty heritage field and the jurisdictions of practice.

Professional Areas of Expertise

All professional members of CAHP have an area of expertise that identifies their primary professional activities. They may have other areas of specialization, but CAHP encourages members to identify by one specialization within the directory.


CAHP values out-of-country experience, however a candidate must demonstrate a minimum of two years of Canadian experience to ensure sufficient exposure to the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada and applicable legislation, policy, technical standards and regulations related to the candidate’s area of practice. Our membership committee may apply its discretion regarding Canadian experience in exceptional circumstances.

What do you need to know before applying?

There are several steps required for a Professional or Intern application to be succesful before the Membership Committee. Our professional standards are rigorous and the expectation is that all material and details for your application will be completed prior to review and acceptance. These include:

  • CAHP Professional Member sponsor letter
  • CV (Education / Workplace history / Professional Associations and affiliations)
  • 3 references (contact information required, reference letters are optional, your sponsor cannot be a reference)
  • 1 field of specialization identified
  • Acknowledgement of our Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • % of professional work on heritage-related projects
  • Heritage-related activities (conferences, webinars, continuing education etc.)
  • Presentations & publications

CAHP offers the following memberships:

For those with 3-7 years of professional experience in heritage conservation

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For graduates (trades and academic) and emerging professionals leading to full membership

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For post-secondary students who are interested in the heritage trades and professions

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For those retired or currently inactive from a career in heritage conservation

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For individuals and institutions who would like to receive information and updates from CAHP 

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Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics:

The Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals has several objectives in establishing a code of professional conduct and ethics, notably:

  • The establishment of guidelines for members to follow when conducting their professional affairs;
  • The establishment of a set of standards to which members must comply; and
  • Ensuring that the interests of the public in general and the clients in particular will be properly served

Learn more about the CAHP Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics