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The Ontario Association of Heritage Professionals (OAHP) is the Ontario Chapter of the national Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals. OAHP is a diverse group representing many areas of expertise from architects to planners and historians to engineers and trades/artisan specialists who are professionally and actively engaged in the identification, conservation, preservation, interpretation and sustainable use of cultural and natural heritage. OAHP provides a venue for dialogue between Ontario heritage professionals and heritage community members, opportunities for provincial leadership, continuing education and community outreach as well as supporting a network for professional advice and social interaction among the members of the Ontario heritage community.

Newsletter Contributions

We aim to produce a newsletter in the spring and fall every year. Submissions should be 300-500 words in length. Photos are encouraged (high resolution, please). Please include a short title for your article as well as your name and position in the text of the article. Please send your submissions to ontheritagepro@gmail.com with “OAHP Newsletter” in the subject line.

Ontario Heritage Conference 2023
June 15-17, 2023
Location: London, Ontario

Th​is conference is an joint initiative of Community Heritage Ontario, Architectural Conservancy Ontario and the Ontario Association of Heritage Professionals.

The 2023 organizing committee is Mike Bloxam; Dhira Ghosh (London Heritage Council); Dr. Jason Gilliland (Western University); Michael Greguol (Heritage Planner, City of London); Dr. Michelle Hamilton (Western University); Tara Jenkins (Cultural Heritage Lead, AECOM); Wes Kinghorn (ACO London Region Branch); Don Menard; Dorothy Palmer; Mike Rice (London Middlesex Historical Society); Maggie Whalley (ACO London Region Branch).

The Ontario Association of Heritage Professionals (OAHP) in partnership with, the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP), submitted

comments related to the Proposed Changes to the Ontario Heritage Act and its regulations: Bill 23 (Schedule 6) – the Proposed More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022’. In the submission, OAHP and CAHP applauded the Ontario government’s commitment to address the housing crisis and highlight the importance of viewing housing through a heritage conservation perspective. Among other recommendations, the submission underlines that addressing the housing crisis can incorporate building reuse and repurposing, and highlights the importance of considering built heritage resources, cultural heritage landscapes, and archaeological resources as vital assets in the community.

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Location: Toronto
President: Kayla Jonas Galvin

Email: on@cahp-acecp.ca

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