About Us

CAHP Objectives:

  • Represent members who are professionally and actively engaged in the identification, conservation, preservation, interpretation and sustainable use of cultural and natural heritage
  • Establish and maintain principles and standards of practice for heritage consultants
  • Enhance the qualifications of Members
  • Promote services of Members through various means, including providing a Directory of CAHP Professionals
  • Foster sharing and knowledge about the heritage profession and practices within the membership and with the broader public through conferences, meetings, newsletters and other forms of outreach
  • Promote the value of heritage preservation and conservation

Strategic Plan

The CAHP Strategic Plan for 2022-2027 identified three objectives, nine strategic goals and several initiatives. They are detailed below:

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Objective 1: Strengthen our membership


  • Conduct annual membership survey
  • Develop welcome protocol for new members
  • Review and strengthen the internship program


  • Develop CAHP mentorship program
  • Organize one additional networking event per year
  • Organize quarterly educational events (including annual conference)


  • Update and streamline membership webpages
  • Make educational resources available through the ‘Member Portal’

Objective 2: Strengthen our voice


  • Develop outreach plan for three organizations identified in workshops
  • Develop municipal accreditation strategy
  • Outreach to educational and training institutions to promote a “building re-use” curriculum


  • Issue two-three releases annually on key issues for CAHP, including Awards
  • Amplify CAHP responses to key government legislative announcements
  • Participate in at least two conferences or symposiums to highlight the work of CAHP


  • Pursue MOU with federal government
  • Monitor issues and develop timely responses on key federal and provincial policy issues
  • Advocate for more government funding for training of craft and tradespeople

Objective 3: Strengthen our organization


  • Ensure continuity on CAHP committees
  • Develop on-boarding program for new directors
  • Assess and plan for online filing and archives


  • Finalize update of CAHP administrative handbook and review by-laws
  • Support chapters in development activities and clearly define roles
  • Translate website and update materials to ensure consistency in French and English


  • Conduct introspective audit for organization
  • Organize educational opportunities for membership

Background about the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

CAHP recently created the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. Developing the strategic plan included a review and assessment of the last Strategic Plan from 2016, creation of a CAHP Impact Roadmap and drafting the 5 year plan for 2022-2027.

Two virtual planning workshops, the CAHP Spring 2021 Member Survey, the CAHP fall 2021 Workroom series on Building Reuse and Climate Action, as well as interviews with past and present Board Members were all part of the process. The draft Strategic Plan was shared with representatives from chapters for their input in early April and validated by the Corporate Planning committee and the Board at their April 2022 meeting.

Please watch the brief video presentation (below) from CAHP’s President, Chris Uchiyama, for information about the 2022-2027 strategic plan.