Membership for new graduates & early career professionals

CAHP Intern members are in the early part of their heritage conservation career. An intern member signals a deep interest in developing a career in heritage conservation and is recognized by peers working in the industry as having credible qualifications, as vetted by CAHP’s membership committee. Intern membership indicates a commitment to CAHP’s Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics Agreement and is a pathway to become a CAHP professional member in the future. Interns  have worked for at least 12 months in a heritage related field


On successful review and approval of your application, intern members are required to pay an annual membership fee of $180.

  • Use of CAHP-Intern designation after your name
  • Access to CAHP’s Internship Programme
  • Provides you with notice of job opportunities or RFPs exclusively shared with CAHP members
  • Alerts you to sector-specific education opportunities
  • Gains you membership to provincial or regional chapters (where available)
  • Connects you with leading Canadian heritage professionals
  • Supports advocacy efforts on behalf of the sector to government
  • Reduced registration fees at annual CAHP-National Trust for Canada conference
  • Completed post-secondary studies
  • Currently employed in a heritage field for at least 12 months, typically spending more than about 50% of your employment focused on heritage work
  • Upon approval, intern members will be required to submit an annual log describing their heritage project experience, as well as conferences and workshops attended
  • Interns are eligible for the CAHP internship programme, which offers professional development, mentorship and networking opportunities

Please note, intern membership can be held for a minimum of one year up to a maximum of five years, after which the member may apply for Professional status.

  1. Create a member account
  2. Complete personal details (name, addresses, title etc.)
  3. Pay the application fee of $25
  4. Provide biographical details
  5. Sign the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
  6. Have a sponsor form completed by a CAHP Professional Member in good standing (please email us if you need assistance with this)
  7. Upload a copy of your resume
  8. Provide details of your work history, education and conferences and/or workshops attended
  9. Detail projects and/or publications you worked on
  10. Submit your application form!
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