The British Columbia Association of Heritage Professionals (BCAHP) is the western-most chapter of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP), representing British Columbia and the Yukon. Dedicated to the support of heritage and cultural conservation, and to the development and improvement of provincial and regional heritage matters, BCAHP encompasses a diverse group of professionals representing a wide range of specialized expertise across many fields. BCAHP members include archaeologists, architects, building conservation experts, cultural advisors, cultural landscape specialists, engineers, historians, planners, and more.

Professional BCAHP members are listed on the CAHP Professional Directory and are a part of a continuously growing supportive local network of colleagues. This growth has resulted in government, private clients and other agencies increasingly requiring professional CAHP certification for individuals and companies to undertake heritage-related projects.

BCAHP’s Heritage Professionals Roundtable in May and its Annual Conference in November, are highly anticipated events for both professionals and non-professionals in the heritage and cultural sectors, providing an opportunity for these communities to connect and reflect on all matters affecting their careers and passion for the heritage field.

President: Elana Zysblat
Vice President: Katie Cummer
Secretary: Susan Medville
Treasurer: Sam Boisvert

John Dam

Berdine Jonker

Hugh McLean

Trenton Squair

Annual BC Heritage Professionals Meeting

Every year, BCAHP holds the Annual BC Heritage Professionals Meeting, the ‘go-to’ event for BC professionals in the heritage conservation field. This event is typically held in November at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Burnaby, BC.


Annual BC Heritage Professional Meeting


President: Elana Zysblat

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