Québec Association of Heritage Professionals (QAHP)

The Québec chapter of CAHP began its activities in 2010. At that date, we had only 6 members.

Today, we have about thirty members, representing several specialties, including: glassmakers, masons, stone conservators, cabinet makers, surveyors, architectural engineers and architects. We wish to emphasize the importance of ensuring the sustainability and protection of traditional know-how. We are forced to recognize that some skills essential to heritage conservation are disappearing. For these reasons, we are calling on our counterparts across Québec to get involved in our association. By increasing the number of members from outside the Montreal area, we will broaden the scope of the disciplines represented by the chapter across the province. And in doing so, we will be able to call for an increased effort at the national level to ensure greater visibility of Québec in heritage discussions.

By joining our association, you will have access to a national network and you will also gain recognition for your expertise in the field of heritage conservation in Canada.

Board of Directors


Interim President: Daniel Durand
Contact: quebec@cahp-acecp.ca

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