CAHP relies on member participation. If you are a Professional, Intern or Student member, please consider volunteering for one of our committees. Most of our committees gladly accept new volunteers at any time. Contact us to express your interest or for more information!


The Advocacy Committee supports heritage conservation, enhancement of public regard for the heritage consulting profession, advocates for the application of best practices, and maintains relations with all levels of government at a national level. Given that CAHP has an obligation to support the conservation of our material and cultural heritage and to promote an awareness and understanding of conservation, CAHP should, where and when appropriate, be a public advocate for the principles and practice of good heritage management across Canada. CAHP cannot advocate on specific sites, but forward any local issues that come to the attention of the Board, to Chapters and or local Members. The Government Liaison Committee fosters communication and establishes relationships with public agencies in matters relating to heritage conservation and heritage policy development. Communications can be made at all levels of government. The committee also administers government relations as the leading heritage conservation association in Canada focused on issues of practice. The committee maintains a membership on the Federal Industry Real Property Advisory Council (FIRPAC). It provides a forum for senior representatives from the public and private sector to discuss national policy issues pertaining to the planning, management and procurement for Federal Real Properties and Services relating to the disciplines of planning, design, architecture, engineering, construction and heritage conservation.

Annual Awards

The Annual Awards Committee organizes the annual awards competition held by CAHP to celebrate the achievements of Professional Members in the areas of specialization recognized by the Association.

Chapter Liaison

The Chapter Liaison Committee keeps the Board of Directors informed regarding the different Chapters, their activities and their relationship to CAHP. The Committee is chaired by the most recent Past President.

Communications and the Web

The Communications Committee’s role is to inform the public about CAHP, including the organization’s structure and ongoing activities. The committee also engages members by sharing resources, news, activities and by fostering a greater sense of community among members. With the help of a Communications Advisor, the Committee assists with website development, newsletter planning and content, promotional materials and sharing information to local and national media outlets.


The Conference Committee assists with the organization of the annual joint conference with the National Trust. The Committee reviews conference papers and speakers and ensures that CAHP members are well represented among the presenters at the conference.

Corporate Planning

The Corporate Planning Committee reviews and updates one- and five- year plans within six months of the Annual General Meeting, with a presentation to the Board.


The Education Committee promotes the expertise and understanding of heritage conservation through connecting CAHP members to an increasing variety of educational resources. They also reach out to the broader community through workshop presentations. This work includes identifying and notifying the membership of educational opportunities as well as linking members to existing educational resources identified by other organizations.

Ethics & Conduct

Meets as required.

The Ethics & Conduct Committee provides review relating to professional conduct brought to the attention of the Association, on an as-needed basis. This committee shall be convened and chaired by the Vice President to investigate any alleged breach of the Association’s Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. Along with the Vice President, the committee is composed of two additional Board Members and one to three Professional Members. The Executive may be represented by the Treasurer or Secretary as the President shall not form part of the committee.


The Membership Committee undertakes the administrative function associated with membership applications and maintenance. The committee conducts a thorough review of all new professional and intern applications for CAHP membership. This work includes reviewing an applicant’s direct heritage experience in their project work, education and ongoing training, as well as reaching out to sponsors and references provided by the applicant.


The Nomination Committee seeks out and recommends qualified Professional Members to stand for election to the Board at the Annual General Meeting. The committee is chaired by the Vice President.