To download the Organizational Chart & Committee Structure for CAHP – ACECP please click here.


Currently inactive

Annual General Meeting & Nominations

Help coordinate the Annual General Meeting. Assist with communications to the membership. Help organize AGM packages.

Business Development

Currently inactive

Chapter Liaison

Keep the Board of Directors informed regarding the different Chapters, their activities and their relationship to CAHP – ACECP.


Assist with website development, newsletter planning and content, and promotional materials. Assist with translation from English to French for website and print requirements.

Conference & Awards

Identify and acknowledge special achievements of CAHP – ACECP members. Assist in the coordination of submission material and awards posters.

Corporate Planning

Currently inactive


Promote the expertise and understanding of heritage conservation through connecting CAHP – ACECP members to an increasing variety of educational resources and the reaching out to the broader community through workshop presentations.

This effort will include identifying and notifying the membership of educational opportunities, linking to existing education resources identified by other conservation organizations and working through the Heritage Industry Education Workshop Task Force to develop a promotional workshop. Our efforts will be ultimately linked with the provincial branches for a more effective notification distribution and educational qualification within a maturing CPD program.

 We are looking for interested and committed members to assist with the development and promotional enterprises of our committee and reach out to the provincial branches for cooperative integration of our efforts. This should take no more than a few hours a month though no limit of effort will be mandated. Connections to educational institutes and other conservation organizations is definitely an asset.

Ethics & Conduct

Meets as needed: this committee is only open to members of the Board of Directors.


Assist with the creation and revision of consistent and cohesive policies for the management of the organization.

Government Liaison (GLC)

Foster communication and establish relationships with public agencies in matters relating to heritage conservation and heritage policy development. Communications can be made at all levels including: municipal government, provincial ministries and agencies, crown corporations, and the Federal Government.

 The GLC administers the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) established with Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) in 2010, that recognizes CAHP – ACECP as the lead heritage conservation organization in Canada focussed on issues of practice. The MOU is subject to review and renewal after 5 years.

 The GLC also maintains membership on the Federal Industry Real Property Advisory Council (FIRPAC). FIRPAC provides a forum for senior representatives from the public and private sector to discuss national policy issues pertaining to the planning, management and procurement for Federal Real Properties and Services relating to the disciplines of planning, design, architecture, engineering, construction and heritage conservation.

Membership (MC)

Provides services to the Board and members by undertaking the administrative function associated with membership applications and maintenance. The MC conducts a thorough review of all new professional and intern applications. Our work includes reviewing an applicant’s direct heritage experience in his/her project work, education and ongoing training. We discuss applicant’s work with their sponsors and references to confirm the applicants are suited for membership in the organization.

The MC meets via telephone conference call once every other month to discuss applications and provide recommendations to the Board. The time commitment for each member is approximately 2 hours per month, including time for application review, meetings and meeting follow-up actions. CAHP – ACECP members from any heritage specialty are welcome to join the MC; there is no pre-requisite professional training or accreditation required. The MC would gladly accept new volunteers at any time.