2016 Award of Excellence – Conservation – Architecture

Rehabilitation and Restoration of the Wellington Building

Part of the federal government’s Long Term Vision Plan for the Parliamentary Precinct, the Wellington Building rehabilitation project consisted primarily of refurbishing the interiors, reconstructing the central core of the building, and installing new mechanical, electrical and security systems to accommodate new committee rooms and offices for the House of Commons. To achieve this, the building was first stripped of its interior finishes and building systems, then seismically reinforced. This process involved the abatement of asbestos and other designated substances and the protection of previously identified heritage spaces and materials. Acting as Heritage Architects for Lead Architect NORR Architects & Engineers, EVOQ’s mandate included the full restoration of the building’s exterior, which involved the reconstruction of the copper roof, the replacement of the existing windows, the restoration of the existing stone and brick masonry envelope, and the reinstatement of the entrance canopy. On the interior, EVOQ designed the rehabilitation of the building’s character-defining heritage spaces, such as the mosaic-vaulted vestibule, marble-clad lobbies, and historic stairs, with certain features such as the ornamental plaster ceiling restored to their 1927 appearance. The heritage design was presented to the project stakeholders, including PWGSC, FHBRO, the National Capital Commission (NCC) and the House of Commons.

The Wellington Building is a 7-storey office building in Ottawa’s Parliamentary Precinct. The original Beaux Arts building, recognized by the FHBRO, was constructed in 1927 for the Metropolitan Insurance Company and substantially enlarged in 1959. Acquired by the Crown in 1973, the building was completely abated and renovated between 2008 and 2016 to accommodate parliamentary functions. Excellent and complex project involving preservation, restoration, rehabilitation. High quality of design work completed by EVOQ worked with NOR. The award submission was well-communicated and the goals, challenges and solutions for the project were clearly articulated.


Awarded to:

Julia Gersovitz (Architect, B.Sc. McGill; B. Arch. McGill, M.Sc. Historic Preservation Columbia, OAQ, OAA, FIRAC/FRAIC, FAPTI)
Eric Stein (Architect, B.Sc. McGill; B. Arch McGill, OAQ, APTI)
Giovanni (John) Diodati (Architect, B.Sc. McGill; B. Arch McGill, OAQ, OAA, IRAC/RAIC, FAPTI)
Joseph Sembrat
Jean-Michel Carrière