2015 Award of Excellence – Conservation Projects – Architecture

Redemptorists’ Monastery Renovation

In 2011 SBA was commissioned to head a Feasibility Study for the 1886 Redemptorists’ Monastery in downtown Toronto to look at the consolidation of the Redemptorists’ facilities, the upgrading of the fathers’ living accommodations and the opportunity to separate St. Patrick’s Church from the Monastery in order to provide a private live-work relationship. The subsequent three year renovation resulted from that study.

With a mandate for the continuing use of the Monastery as a residence and neighbourhood presence; the primary focus was to upgrade the residents’ communal and private spaces while integrating fire, life safety, barrier-free and engineering services into the neglected interior without damaging the remaining exterior and interior heritage features and ensuring the monastery would remain physically and economically viable far into the future.


Awarded to:

Kelly Gilbride (B. Arch, B. Eng, P. Eng)
Jane Burgess (B.Arch., OAA, MRAIC)
Sheldon C. Kennedy (M.Arch. UofT, OAA, LEED, AP)
Will Teron (P.Eng, CAHP)
Pieter Chung (B.Sc. (Civil Engineering), P.Eng., CAHP)