2016 Award of Excellence – Heritage Education, Awareness and Scholarship

Accessibility (r)Evolution I: Riding with Rollo

In this educational video, Jill Taylor (Taylor Hazell Architects) walks and talks with Rollo Myers (Architectural Conservancy of Ontario) about the accessibility challenges he faces as he navigates the streets of Toronto and in some of his favorite heritage buildings. Focused on the increased demand for universal access, the video contributes to a unique aspect of heritage conservation: accessibility as a right in the appreciation of heritage for all members of society.

This innovative and engaging video speaks directly, using real examples, of the principles described in the Standards and Guidelines. It advocates for open, universal access to the special places that define our communities, and gives the audience a real understanding of the day-to-day challenges of those faced with mobility issues. The positive response to the video using Social Media, suggests that a there is a wide audience for this information within the heritage community and beyond.


Awarded to:

Jill D. Taylor (OAA)
Charles Hazell (B.Arch., OAA, CAHP)