Biography Penny Young has been involved in cultural heritage management for many years with 21 of those years working in government as a Heritage Planner, Heritage Coordinator, Regional Archaeologist, and Archaeology Database Coordinator where she managed and coordinated the impacts to cultural heritage resources including built heritage, archaeological sites and cultural heritage landscapes for compliance with municipal, provincial and federal legislation and policy. She is with Archaeological Research Associates Ltd. where she is a Heritage Project Manager. At ARA she coordinates ARA project teams and conducts heritage assessment projects including Cultural Heritage Evaluations, Heritage Impact Assessments and Built Heritage and Cultural Heritage Landscape Assessments. She evaluates the significance of cultural heritage resources using Ontario Regulations 9/06 and 10/06 as part of inventories, Municipal Heritage Registers and designation By-laws. Her MA and BA are from McMaster University.

Academic Credentials MA, CAHP

Expertise , anthropology, archaeology, planning, public_sector


Chapter Ontario and Nunavut


Organization Archaeological Research Associates Ltd.

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ProvTerr Ontario

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