Biography I am aiming to improve the environment through many ways including my career. I hope to be part of green building design in order to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants associated with buildings, and even start to improve the surrounding environment of buildings being built. I am interested in conservation and adaptive reuse of heritage buildings through creative design to allow a heritage building to optimally fulfill its purpose in the current time, while also respecting the historic and cultural values embedded in several different aspects of a building. I have a strong background in sustainable design, green energy systems and building science. Her work includes a range of projects including whole building energy modelling simulations, carbon neutral studies, and hygrothermal analysis for heritage enclosures.

Academic Credentials P.Eng., WELL AP, M.A.Sc. B.Eng.

Expertise buildings


Chapter Ontario and Nunavut


Organization RDH Building Science

Address 26 Soho Street

City Toronto

Postal Code M5T 1Z7

Phone (161) 361-4570