Biography Frank J. Smith is a cultural heritage specialist with more than ten years of experience in detailed historical research and evaluation of cultural heritage resources for cultural institutions, universities, and various levels of government in the United States and Canada. Frank is employed at Stantec Consulting and previously worked for Western University as a Research Assistant for the Census of Canada of 1891 Project and the Curator of the John P. Metras Sports Museum. His work with Stantec has spanned the province, from pipelines and hydroelectric facilities in Northern Ontario to a heritage conservation district studies in Toronto and Hamilton. Frank has deep knowledge of sound historical research practices and the requirements when working with municipal and provincial agencies during the assessment and approvals process. Frank’s research skills have been developed over the years while working at museums in the United States and Canada, serving as a research assistant, volunteer work for conservation organizations, and during the completion of his master’s degree in public history

Academic Credentials Master of Arts, Western University

Expertise history


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