Mr. Tyrrell is a native of Dublin.. Ireland and has been in the dimensional stone industry for the last 35 years. Mr. Tyrrell started his career as a traditionally trained Stone Draftsman. His humble beginnings in Ireland have turned into an illustrious career in North America, since his arrival in Toronto in 1984. Mr. Tyrrell served as CEO of the publically traded American Stone Corp from 1996- 1999. In 1999 he formed the company Traditional Cut Stone Ltd. (the# 1 Stone carving facility in North America). Mr. Tyrrell's knowledge of every aspect of the stone industry (from stone extraction, cutting, shipping, fabrication, artistic renderings, clay modeling , modern equipment as well as hand carving) has made him THE go to person for stone in North America. Notable Heritage Restoration projects include: Historic Palm beach County Courthouse, West Palm Beach, FL (State Master craftsmanship Award winner), Toronto Old City Hall, St. Michael's Cathedral, Toronto, Princes' Gate, Toronto, Grace Church, New York, NY, Queens Park, Toronto, Whitney Block, Toronto, Minnesota State Capitol, US Capitol Building, Washington, DC, Illinois State Capitol.

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