Membership for new graduates & early career professionals

CAHP intern members are in the early part of their heritage conservation career. A CAHP Intern Membership signals a deep interest in building a career in heritage conservation and is recognized by peers working in the industry as having credible qualifications, as vetted by CAHP’s membership committee. Intern membership indicates a commitment to CAHP’s Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics Agreement and is a pathway to become a CAHP professional member in the future.

  • Provides you with notice of job opportunities or RFPs exclusively shared with CAHP members
  • Alerts you to sector-specific education opportunities
  • Gains you membership to provincial or regional chapters (where available)
  • Connects you with leading Canadian heritage professionals
  • Supports advocacy efforts on behalf of the sector to government

Please note that using the CAHP acronym behind your name is only reserved for Professional members. Professional members are the only membership category that are permitted to vote or stand for office.

  • Completed post-secondary studies
  • Currently employed in a heritage field, typically spending more than about 50% of their employment focused on heritage work
  • Upon approval, intern members will be required to submit an annual log describing their heritage project experience, as well as conferences and workshops attended

Please note, intern membership can be held for a minimum of 1 year up to a maximum of five years, after which the member may apply for Professional status.

  • Provide biographical details
  • Sign the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
  • Have a sponsor form completed by a CAHP Professional Member in good standing (please email us if you need assistance with this)
  • Upload a copy of your resume
  • Provide details of your work history, education and conferences and/or workshops attended
  • Detail projects and/or publications you worked on
  • Pay the application fee of $25

Upon successful review and approval of the membership application, intern members are required to pay an annual membership fee of $180

Apply for Membership