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Vanessa Hicks

Heritage Planner




Vanessa Hicks has been involved in the rea lm of professional cultural heritage resou rce management since 2007, when she joined the team at Archaeological Research Associates Limited. Vanessa completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wi lf rid Laurier University specializing in Historica l/ Indust rial Archaeology in 2010, and completed a Master of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo, School of Planning, focusing on Heritage Planning under the direction of Robert Shipley. Va nessa worked with the Heritage Resources Centre, and subsequent ly with the Town of Grimsby as a Heritage Plann ing Assistant. Vanessa subsequent ly ga ined experience working for the public realm as the Program Manager of Heritage Plan ning for the Town of Aurora, serving as the principal point of contact for the Aurora Heritage Advisory Committee, over-seeing Heritage Conservation District studies, and managing projects related to cultural heritage properties. Vanessa joined MHBC (Kitchener) as a Heritage Planner in 2016, and continues to provide a range of services to both the private and public sector, including Heritage Impact Assessments, Cu ltura l Heritage Eva luation Reports, and St ra tegic Conservation Plans.