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Michael Seaman

Senior Cultural Heritage Specialist


Designation/research reports on over 90 heritage properties for Town of Oakville, City of Brampton, City of Halifax and Town of Markham; research/writer/host for television series Brampton: Memories of a Small Town (1993); historical research/rehabilitation reports on the Maritime Command Building, Halifax, N.S. and the Brampton C.P. Railway Station; editor of The Brampton Heritage Times; heritage inventories (Brampton, Oakville, Unionville). BES in Urban Planning, University of Waterloo and MEDS (Conservation) from TUNS; designation/research reports (Oakville, Halifax, Brampton, Markham); development planning in heritage areas and review of applications for heritage subdivision (Markham); Unionvillle Heritage Conservation District Study, Inventory and Plan (design guidelines); heritage inventories (Brampton and Oakville); building evaluation systems (Mississauga, Brampton); guidelines for townhouses and murals in heritage areas (Markham).