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Lori LeMare



Lori LeMare Studio Inc.


Lori has significant experience in the application of and the restoration/replication of heritage finishes. Since 1989, Lori LeMare Studio Inc. has been creating both new finishes and replicating/restoring heritage finishes for commercial and residential clients. Her company specializes in heritage wood graining, marbling, provincial finishes, gilding, stenciling with particular emphasis on recreating the finishers using the same mediums originally used. Restoration of murals include cleaning, invisible patching, correct colour matching and replication of original design.

Past projects include: Church of St. Mary Magdalene / The Toronto Club / Osgood Hall / Spadina House / Casa Loma / Aga Kahn Museum / The Don Jail / Liberty Village (Toronto, ON) / Dundurn Castle / Whitehern Musuem / Gage House Museum / Nash House Museum / Fieldcote Musuem (Hamilton, ON) / The Musuem of Mississauga / The Colonial Building (NFLD) / Castle Kilbride (Baden ON) / Waterloo Museum.