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Barbara McPhail



Unterman McPhail Associates Heritage Resource Management Consultants


Seventeen years professional expertise in the heritage assessment / evaluation and mitigation of cultural heritage resources for environmental assessments and requirements of provincial guidelines including new provincial highways, municipal roadworks, landfill assessment, bridge rehabilitation, municipal utilities installation, hydro facilities redevelopment and railway expansion. Projects: Highways 407 Extension, East and West Sections; York Region Long Term Water Project; Niagara Falls People Mover EA; Highway 404 Extension; Durham and Metro York - Interim Waste Authority. Over twenty years of research experience in architectural, social and industrial history and Euro-Canadian settlement for heritage planning, inventories, impact and environmental assessments, designation notices, heritage character statements and municipal development, landscape and park plans. Projects include: John Inglis Co., Canadian Heritage; Stamp Themes, Canada Post; Landscape Research, Parkwood Estate, Oshawa; and many historical research reports for the provincial government, municipal heritage groups and private individuals and groups.