Lifetime Achievement Award III

Peter Stewart

Toronto, Ontario. 1946-2021

Peter Stewart, 1946-2021, started working in the office of Modernist architect, George Robb, in 1971 and never left. When George Robb died suddenly in 1991 during a severe economic recession, Peter and colleague Don Scott formed a partnership under the George Robb Architect name. In 1993, the new partners decided to branch out into building conservation, an interest of Peter’s since his architectural studies at the University of Toronto.

The successful execution of the firm’s first two projects – the early twentieth century Knox Presbyterian Church in Toronto and the Duff-Baby House of 1798 in Windsor – led to a growing list of building restoration assignments and a reputation for reliable handling of complex work.

Peter guided the restoration of the Lincoln County Courthouse in St. Catharines, Todmorden paper mill smokestack in Toronto, Eyer House in Richmond Hill, extensive garden stoneworks at the Belfountain Conservation Area in Caledon and the stone garden wall at the Auchmar House in Hamilton, among others.

Over the course of 27 years in his practice as an architect specializing in heritage conservation, Peter demonstrated personal integrity and a striving for excellence. He set an example for junior architects who succeed him in the work of protecting historic buildings and landscapes. His posthumous award will remind CAHP members that it is possible to advance in their chosen fields of heritage conservation with their principles intact.