Emerging Heritage Professional Award

Cynthia Aleman

Ville de Québec, Québec

Cynthia Aleman is a registered intern with the Ordre des architectes du Québec. She has a bachelor’s degree, master’s in architecture (M.Arch) and master’s in architectural science with thesis (M.Sc.).

During and following her education, Cynthia participated in many heritage projects alongside leading figures in the sector. In the context of prestigious private, public and parapublic projects, she observed and participated actively, gradually bringing in a burgeoning experience characterized by intellectual discipline, curiosity and the desire to participate in efforts to conserve and enhance Canada’s heritage. Recognized for her versatility, Cynthia acts as assistant project manager and site supervisor, duties which involve heritage-specific management and production responsibilities. 

Since 2019, Cynthia has been working with STGM Architecture’s heritage division on condition reports on listed churches and buildings, studies to raise and move heritage homes, brick-by-brick Work to consolidate, restore and upgrade the Nouvelles Casernes six buildings to halt the deterioration of this heritage property and ensure its longevity. Cynthia stands out, in particular, for her methodology and analytical rigour. She also stands out for her ability to synthesize and put together strong arguments which have repeatedly demonstrated the heritage significance and conservation approaches to privilege in order to ensure the survival of our built heritage.