2021 CAHP Awards – Heritage Education, Awareness & Scholarship – Award of Merit

Brighter Days Ahead
(Toronto, ON)

Awarded to:

Joey Giaimo (Giaimo)

In Fall 2020 a new temporary public art installation, Brighter Days Ahead, was revealed at The Oculus Pavilion in the City of Toronto’s South Humber Park along the Humber River Recreational Trail. The installation covers The Oculus in radiating yellow stripes, visually and symbolically representing the vibrant future planned for this derelict modernist structure. Together, these stripes create a mesmerizing pattern that mirrors the original fantastical and playfully quaint design intent of the space-age pavilion, which was originally built in 1959. Brighter Days Ahead sparks curiosity, giving visitors a unique opportunity to explore the pavilion and learn about the space and architecture. The installation is part of a larger community-led revitalization initiative to transform the under-utilized pavilion into a welcoming outdoor space while offering free programming including accessible education on built heritage.