2021 CAHP Awards – Conservation – Materials, Craftsmanship & Construction – Award of Merit

Bishop’s Palace at St. Michael’s Cathedral
(Toronto, ON)

Awarded to:

David Ecclestone (+VG Architects)

Derek Quilliam (+VG Architects)

Terry White (+VG Architects)

Donovan Pauly (Clifford Restoration Ltd.)

Sam Trigila (Clifford Restoration Ltd.)

John Wilcox (Vitreous Glassworks)

David Tyrrell (Traditional Cut Stone Ltd.)

St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica, consecrated in 1848, is Toronto’s oldest Roman Catholic Cathedral. A citywide landmark associated with significant events in the history of Roman Catholicism in Toronto, it is associated with the early establishment of major institutions such as St. Michael’s Hospital, St. Michael’s College and St. Michael’s Choir School. The Cathedral is regarded as one of the best remaining examples of ecclesiastical Gothic Revival Architecture by the noted Architect, William Thomas, with subsequent additions by Gundry and Langley, Joseph Connolly, and A.W. Holmes. It was added to the City of Toronto Inventory of Heritage Properties in 1973, and is designated under By-law 331-2020.

The Exterior Conservation of the Bishop’s Palace (2018 -2021) is the most recent phase of a comprehensive 20-year implementation of the Master Plan for the Rehabilitation of St. Michael’s Cathedral and site. From Project understanding and strategic visioning, through the design and planning of interventions, down to the daily execution of the work, the Standards and Guidelines have continuously informed the decision-making processes and overall culture of the work. This Conservation-focussed culture allied with a committed, Heritage-conscious Client, and a Construction Management project delivery – elevating craftspeople and trades to collaborative team roles in the design process – enabled the very highest standards of craftsmanship and conservation to be maintained throughout.