Prix d’Excellence 2020 – Conservation – Matériaux, savoir-faire artisanal et construction

Manoir Massey (Restaurant Keg) : Réplique Du Plafond De Vitrail En Verre Émaillé Serti De Plomb
(Toronto, ON)

Attribué à :

John Wilcox (Vitreous Glassworks)

The City of Vancouver Heritage Action Plan project was a major undertaking that reviewed, assessed, revised, and improved Vancouver’s Heritage Conservation Program. The focus of the project was to strategically analyze the individual components that contribute to the Heritage Conservation Program, including policies and regulations, the larger planning context of zoning, and the Heritage Register. Donald Luxton & Associates Inc. was hired as the lead consultant for the project, beginning work in September 2014. The project was organized into three phases, including: Heritage Conservation Program Review, Vancouver Heritage Register Upgrade, and Zoning Review. The primary outcomes of the project, beyond the overall reinvigoration of the city’s Heritage Conservation Program, was the extensive upgrade of the city’s Heritage Register, containing the research and analysis of hundreds of new sites, as well as a citywide Historic Context Statement and Thematic Framework. The project also resulted in the successful adoption of the city’s very first Heritage Conservation Area in the First Shaughnessy neighbourhood. The consultant work was completed in March 2018.