2020 Award of Merit – Documentation and Planning

Cabbagetown Southwest Heritage Conservation District Study
(Toronto, ON)

Awarded to:

Dima Cook (EVOQ Architecture)

Rosanne Moss (EVOQ Architecture)

Tamara Anson-Cartwright (City of Toronto)

Alex Corey (City of Toronto)

The Cabbagetown Southwest HCD Study was an in-depth study of the history and evolution of the study area, an inventory of its properties, an analysis of its heritage character, and an assessment of the heritage value and potential for a Heritage Conservation District Plan. The study area included approximately 745 properties within a dense, well-preserved historical landscape featuring a number of architectural styles from the mid to late-1800s including Victorian, Georgian Revival, and Second Empire with a mixture of residential, commercial, and institutional uses. Its development reflected the narrative of Toronto’s early development.
This project’s approach to the identification of heritage values adhered to the Standards and Guidelines conservation decision-making process. Understanding the study area – “its condition, evolution over time, and past and current importance to its community” (S&G, p.3) – was integral to our methodology which included research, surveys, and community consultations. The project ran from February 2018 to April 2019.