2020 Award of Merit — Conservation — Architecture I

Canada’s Four Corner Envelope Rehabilitation
(Ottawa, ON)

Awarded to:

Robert Martin, (Robertson Martin Architects)

Cristina Ureche-Trifu, (Robertson Martin Architects)

John Cooke, (John G. Cooke and Associates Ltd.)

Chris Vopni, (John G. Cooke and Associates Ltd.)

Brian Hierlihy, (PTAH Consultants Inc.)

James Maddigan (Architecture 49 Inc. / CENTRUS)

The Canada’s Four Corners building is a “Recognized” Federal Heritage Building located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, directly across from Parliament Hill. Since its construction in 1870-1871, the Second Empire building underwent a few roof fires, unsympathetic roof changes and delayed maintenance. As a result, the historic structure would reach the end of its service life without intervention. In early 2015, the Consultants were engaged to rehabilitate the building’s envelope and roof, which was to be restored to its 1918s aesthetic. Due to underlying issues discovered through on-site investigations, major work was undertaken throughout the entire building, notably restoring the stability of the exterior masonry wall. Using sound historical information, the remaining architectural elements were repaired or restored to their earlier historic appearance. Completed in September 2018, the restoration project returned the building to a more coherent aesthetic while safeguarding it and its distinct identity within its prominent location.