Call for 2020 Awards Jury Nominations

Every year submissions for the CAHP | ACECP awards are evaluated by a small group of jurors who review the submissions, then meet to discuss them in a day-long adjudication meeting. The Awards Committee relies on nominations from CAHP members to help us put together a diverse group of jurors representing a wide variety of backgrounds, professional specializations, and regions of Canada. We routinely hear from jurors that the adjudication day experience has been fascinating and positive!

The Awards

The CAHP | ACECP Awards showcase completed awards that:

  • Demonstrate excellence in the conservation of heritage values
  • Illustrate the viability of heritage building and sites for commercial, institutional, and residential use
  • Recognize the heritage professionals who have contributed to their success

The awards will be presented during the APT & National Trust Joint Conference 2020 in association with CAHP in Edmonton, Alberta on October 3-7. The theme this year is Hindsight 2020: Conservation, Disruption and the Future of Heritage.

The Jury

The Awards Jury is composed of heritage professionals from across Canada. The jury is composed of a mix of CAHP members and professionals who are not members: we accept nominations for both. Details:

  • The adjudication will take place in Edmonton, Alberta, on Saturday, September 5th, 2020.
  • A portion of jurors’ travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by CAHP.
  • Deadline for nominations: March 13, 2020.


If you are interested in being a jury member or would like to nominate one or more colleagues, please contact:

If possible, provide a short bio and/or curriculum vitae (CV) to assist us in evaluating potential jurors.