Mike Passmore

Superintendent, RJW Stonemasons

Mike has more than 25 years of practical experience in heritage masonry and conservation on major restoration projects, most recently having completed the West Block Rehabilitation Project with a team of over 200 masons, labourers, stone carvers, and conservation specialists. Mike has vast experience defining scope of work, assisting with project specifications, reporting, consulting, budgeting, scheduling, sequencing, quality control, management, overseeing sub-trades and executing work.

Mike has a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of building stone structures, and an expertise in traditional heritage masonry practices. Mike is experienced in masonry conservation cleaning, repair, stone cutting, fixing and matching replacement stone types. Mike is passionate about the mentorship of apprentices and the preservation of historic stonemasonry principles and practices. Mike founded the social media Facebook Group, The Stonemasons Guild, with over 8,000 international members involved in historic masonry, conservation, and a passion for stone.