Marc Cote

Mr. Côté has over 38 years of experience in the Restoration of Heritage Masonry Buildings/Structures. He spent 29 of those years dedicated to the maintenance of the Parliamentary Precinct Buildings in Ottawa. During his career, as Public Servant, he helped organized, and participated in many Masonry Restoration Projects, notably, the First World War Memorials sites in France and Belgium, including exploratory investigation at Vimy Ridge, France prior to the Major Restoration Project.

After his retirement from the Government Services, he has provided on-site training of specialty restoration mortars, and other related materials/techniques for the Conservation of Masonry. He also provides quality control and review methods/materials on Masonry Restoration Projects. His latest assignment, as the Masonry Conservation Advisor for PWGSC was in 2016-2017 at the Government Conference Centre in Ottawa (Ottawa Grand Trunk Railroad Station), now the temporary Senate Chamber during the Restoration of the Centre Block on Parliament Hill.