2019 Award of Merit – Heritage Education, Awareness & Scholarship

Timber Frame Courses, Jason Gibson (Perth, Ontario)

Awarded to:

Jason Gibson, Gibson Timber Frames Inc.

The Award of Merit in Heritage Education, Awareness & Scholarship was given to Jason Gibson Gibson Timber Frames Inc.  for the Jason Gibson – Timber Frame Courses. The judges deemed it worthy of an award for Jason Gibson’s impressive long-term commitment as a member of the Timber Framers Guild, facilitating private timber frame courses for the past 18 years. The judges described Jason as an excellent educator, training young and old alike on traditional timber framing. Building more than just skills, he is also building a sense of community, his students’ self-esteem, and also their awareness and appreciation for heritage conservation.


Jason Gibson’s six-day Timber Framing Course teaches the basics of traditional square rule timber frame construction through hands-on learning. The course focuses on laying out and cutting traditional joinery, as well as teaching shop safety, proper tool use, sharpening skills, square rule layout and raising techniques.

A long-time member of the Timber Framers Guild, Jason Gibson has been running private timber frame courses for the past 18 years. Jason Gibson has become a leading educator in traditional timber framing, providing hands-on courses that allow students to learn the centuries-old tradition and keeping these techniques alive across North America and the world. Through his courses, Gibson strives to keep timber framing techniques alive by teaching the skills that were used in North America in the early 1800’s, ultimately re-creating the spirit of a community barn build where a group comes together to raise a barn. Over 400 students have come from all over North America to study with him and learn the craft.