2019 Award of Merit – Conservation – Materials, Craftsmanship & Construction

Buckhorn Lock #31 – Masonry Rehabilitation (Buckhorn, Ontario)

Awarded to:

John Cooke, John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd.

Chris Huntley, Heritage Restoration Inc.

The Award of Merit in Conservation – Materials, Craftsmanship & Construction was given to John Cooke, John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd., and Chris Huntley, Heritage Restoration Inc., for the Buckhorn Lock #31 – Masonry Rehabilitation. The judges were impressed by the clarity of the submission, highlighting a detailed overview of how the Standards and Guidelines guided their decision-making. In particular, the judges were impressed by the process of determining physically compatible stone and mortar for this special condition, and how the project was completed over the winter months to ensure that it was operational for the next summer navigational period. 


Masonry rehabilitation of Buckhorn Lock 31 on the Trent-Severn Waterway began October 17, 2016 and was completed May 24, 2018. Buckhorn Lock is a stone masonry lock, which was constructed in 1887. Water leakage was noted around the gates and the mortar joints were typically open. Many of the stone units were also spalled and fractured. The project consisted of 100% masonry repointing, grouting of the masonry wall core, and stone masonry repairs, including fracture repairs, Dutchman repairs and some stone replacement. Cofferdams were used to dewater the lock and allow for access to the rubble finish masonry walls located upstream and downstream of the lock. The work was completed over the winter months, since the lock is in use during the summer navigational period.