2018 Award of Merit – Conservation – Small and Lovely

Sony Centre Canopy (Toronto, ON)

Awarded to:

Michael McClelland, ERA Architects


Matt Farrell, Civic Theatres Toronto

The 2007 renovation of the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts deviated from the original design by both replacing and rearranging many of the original design elements. In the rehabilitation of the canopy the team repaired as many of the original elements as possible and carefully selected the appropriate materials and fixtures as similar to the original character defining elements as possible. This was demonstrated through the metal paneling and pot lights that were removed in the 2007 renovation. Through use of similar materials for the paneling and placing the new lights in the same location as the original design it allowed for the original design intent to be achieved. This level of detail was carried throughout the project to ensure the structure looked as similar as possible to the 1960 design.