2018 Award of Excellence – Conservation – Architecture

Aberdeen Pavilion Lifecycle Renewal (Ottawa, ON)

Awarded to:

David K. Cole, Cole and Associates Architects Inc.


Jean-Yves Moreau, City of Ottawa

COLE+Associates coordinated a Life Cycle Renewal project for the Aberdeen Pavilion that focused on washrooms, accessibility, floor slab, and main doors (including window and painting repairs). The project began with an extensive documentation of current conditions and areas of concern. Our work consisted of: repairs to the existing floor slab using a new epoxy re-coating system; renovation to existing washrooms (including new sprinkler system) and construction of two unisex fully accessible washrooms — meeting the City of Ottawa Accessibility Design Standards (COADS); upgrades to all barrier-free accessibility issues identified in the Accessibility Report; restoration of the two main barn doors on the east with revised hardware and associated infrastructure to better support the loads and operation of the doors; and window repairs to south elevation. Washrooms, windows, and other repairs took place from July to August 2016; flooring repairs were conducted from December 2016 to April 2017.

Our sub-consultants on the project were Adjeleian Allen Rubeli (structural), Goodkey Weedmark & Associates (mechanical & electrical), LRI Engineering Inc. (sprinkler), and Heritage Grade (heritage). The contractors were Hubbard & Company (windows, washrooms, and sprinkler work—$808,188.15 contract amount), and Serge Zimola Construction Inc. (floor repair and some sprinkler repair—$179,322.69 contract amount). The total cost of all work was $987,510.84