2017 Award of Merit – Conservation – Engineering

The Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards

The development of the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards reflects a broad interest in celebrating the legacy of innovation in Ottawa and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. The rehabilitation of the building is one of the first stages in reconnecting a former industrial area with the wider community and stitching it back into the neighbourhood. This previously isolated and derelict building is now an essential part in creating awareness, supporting enterprise and celebrating success. The building is designed to play a complex series of roles, including encouraging wide community consciousness of the practice of heritage conservation and its benefit to the community and engagement.

The planning and design for the rehabilitation of the City of Ottawa Works Building #4 was released as a design/build competition. There were four other competing design/build proponents shortlisted and qualified to proceed to the second stage, which included the design for the rehabilitation and implementation of the project program. The project was awarded to Morley Hoppner Ltd. with their consultant team consisting of: Hobin  Architecture, architect; Adjeleian Allen Rubeli, structural; Commonwealth Historic Resource Management the heritage consultant; 4té, interior design; BPA Inc., mechanical & electrical; Arborus, LEED & commissioning; Attain Group, IT systems; and, CSW, landscape architects. The team collaboratively developed and costed a unique and novel approach to stabilizing the heritage building so it could be properly rehabilitated to contain all of the new program elements. The team worked very closely to ensure that all interventions to the existing building were carefully considered for both their aesthetic and functional impacts.


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