2017 Award of Merit – Conservation – Architecture

James Power Cottage Exterior

James Power Cottage was originally built in 1902 as a residence for the Superintendent of Halifax’s Public Gardens, James Power. The building was designed by Architect J. C. Dumaresq in a delightful composition utilizing prefabricated architectural elements available from a metalwork catalogue, combined with decorative brick and stonework. After a history of small repairs, investigations and surprise findings within the original structure, the project was finally tendered in 2014 as a complete restoration of the exterior envelope. The final product subtly incorporates improved construction details to ensure the building’s longevity and brings it up to current building code requirements while restoring the heritage character of this little jewel of a residence.

Currently, DSRA Architecture is working with HRM to refit the interior of the Power Cottage for HRM Youth Services Programs and municipal office space. The James Power Cottage was the recipient of a 2015 Lieutenant Governor’s Design Awards in Architecture, Award of Merit, presented in 2016.


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