Job positing: CAHP-ACECP Twitter Coordinator

Position: CAHP-ACECP Twitter Coordinator.

Job description: CAHP-ACECP is calling on its Intern members, who are attending this year’s 2017 National Trust-APT Conference in Ottawa to sign-up as the official CAHP-ACECP Twitter Coordinator, which is taking place from Oct.11-14th, 2017.

We would like an Intern member with social media experience to tweet about the events surrounding the conference. Throughout the four day event, the CAHP-ACECP Twitter Coordinator is expected to attend the two conference sessions presented by CAHP-ACECP, Awards Ceremony and the CAHP-ACECP Annual General Meeting (see details below) and to tweet about the content presented in these sessions. While, we want the Twitter Coordinator to tweet about the CAHP-ACECP specific proceedings (see list below), he/she is also welcomed to tweet about other events, workshops, delegates and/or tours that he/she is attending during the Conference.

Duration: Oct.11-14th, 2017.

Pay: $250.00 subsidy for your conference fees.

How to apply: Please fill out the application form below with your contact information and provide us with 10 sample tweets of 140 characters each. 5 tweets describing why you should be representing and tweeting on behalf of CAHP-ACECP. 5 tweets about why heritage is significant to you and why we should subsidize your conference by 250$. Please see this form for more details: CAHP-ACECP Twitter Coordinator Application Form 2017

Application deadline: Please the completed the application form and sent it to the CAHP-ACECP Administrator Coordinator, Elaine Radman: by September 22nd, 2017 @ 11:59 pm.