2015 Skilled Partner Award of Excellence

Gage Park Fountain Restoration, Hamilton

Prior to the start of the 2011- 2014 Restoration of the Gage Park Fountain, Therese Charbonneau, a Senior Conservator with the City of Hamilton advocated for the preservation of this important City landmark and collected the missing elements, inclusive of the previously removed stone cylinder and stolen bronze turtle.

The restoration of the fountain exemplifies the importance of a Skilled Partner with exceptional skills in both heritage conservation and working within a municipal framework to assemble, orchestrate and contribute to a team of skilled heritage professionals.

By restoring the fountain, an important piece of the historical fabric of the City of Hamilton has been saved. The fountain has reenergized Gage Park and it is once again a focal point for Hamilton residents to be proud.


Awarded to:

Therese Charbonneau