National Heritage Awards 2018 Nominations – Deadline April 28th, 2017.

National Heritage Awards 2018 Nominations – Deadline April 28th, 2017

About the National Trust for Canada
At the National Trust for Canada, we are on a mission to bring heritage to life – in more ways than one! We get people excited about places that matter – places that connect us to our roots and improve quality of life. Canadians can count on the National Trust for proven tools to save and renew historic places, and a treasure trove of destinations to visit and discover.
We love monuments and landmarks that tell our collective story, and our work is equally essential for struggling downtowns, remote regions, and diverse communities. We know historic places are the cornerstone of a vibrant and sustainable future.
About the National Heritage Awards
The National Heritage Awards Program recognizes and celebrates individuals, organizations, corporations and rehabilitation projects that give new life to Canada’s historic places. Selections are made by independent juries whose members represent, on a broad basis, the regions of Canada, the various disciplines relating to heritage conservation, and the voluntary heritage movement. The National Trust awards are presented at a ceremony held in conjunction with our annual conference.
New for 2017: Nominating Committee to broaden perspective and geographic scope and encourage and make nominations.

The purpose of the National Heritage Awards is to:
• celebrate good work;
• recognize “influencers” and “exemplars” that broaden the definition of heritage and bring heritage to life; and
• raise public awareness and support.
Award nominations should:
• Epitomize “bringing heritage to life.”
• Support and cross promote/reflect what the National Trust does and values. For example:
 Sustainable living
 Cultural diversity of Canada
 Tangible and intangible heritage
• Reflect a “national” scope.

For more information: About the National Heritage Awards