2016 Award of Excellence – Conservation – Materials, Craftsmanship and Construction

Hermant Building

As part of the rehabilitation project that would merge a commercial office and retail building from the 1920s with residential space, Clifford Restoration Limited was contracted to assist with and perform much of the restoration work to the Hermant Building. The conservation work performed included window restoration, retrofitting a new bronze door, re-creating plaster crown moulding, and redefining other art deco character defining elements that were either lost in previous renovations or damaged over the years. Conservation of the Terra Cotta exterior façade included cleaning and repairs.

This 9-storey building at the edge of Dundas Square is an excellent and handsome example of terra cotta cladding from the early 20th century. The high-quality conservation work included the cleaning and repair of the terra-cotta façade, recreation of the northwest corner parapet, replacement of the operable steel windows, replication of the bronze entry doors and the restoration and replication of the ground floor storefronts and entry vestibule. The entry lobby was substantially restored with re-created plaster crown-moldings and other heritage attributes that had either been lost or damaged in previous renovations. This is an example of a successful and comprehensive restoration carried out in challenging circumstances in an occupied building and a busy urban location.


Awarded to:

Sam Trigila
Edwin Rowse (B.Arch., OAA, RIBA)