Industrial Heritage: Medalta Potteries Field School

Industrial Heritage: Medalta Potteries Field School

Time: June 24-29, 2017

Location: Medalta Historic Clay District, Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Description: This 6-day intensive course (36 hours of instruction) through the Cultural Resource Management Program at UVic can be taken for credit or for professional development. This course will use the Medalta Pottery Site at the Medicine Hat Historic Clay District as a premier case study to analyze a series of approaches to industrial heritage site conservation. Through this course you will develop techniques for examining and understanding the processes and products of industrial plants in order to determine and establish their values and significance. This immersive six-day course will examine the issues surrounding industrial sites through first-hand experience within the context of a functioning site undergoing conservation.

Learning objectives:

  • Develop an historic profile that is based on an understanding of the raw materials, manufacturing processes, logistics and products affiliated with the industrial plant.
  • Establish significance and commemorative values to an industrial site.
  • Document and record significant aspects of an industrial site.
  • Provide a condition assessment of extant equipment and structures.
  • Produce a conservation master plan.