CAHP’s Mission Statement:

CAHP was founded in 1987 to represent the interests of professional practitioners in many related fields of heritage conservation.

The organization maintains the following objectives:

    • To represent members who are professionally and actively engaged in the identification, conservation, preservation, interpretation and sustainable use of cultural and natural heritage;
    • To establish and maintain principles and standards of practice for heritage consultants;
    • To enhance the qualifications of Members;
    • To promote services of Members;
    • To foster sharing and knowledge between Members; and
    • To promote the value of heritage preservation and conservation

CAHP has defined a heritage professional as the following:

A Heritage Professional is a person who has specialized knowledge, supported by formal training and/or work experience, in the conservation and stewardship of cultural heritage. The Professional conforms to accepted technical and ethical standards and works in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the person’s specialty heritage field and the jurisdictions of practice.

Photo Credit: Charles Hazell, 2009 Award of Merit for Adaptive Reuse of a Heritage Building (Casa Loma).