2014 Award Recipients

  • CAHP | ACECP Awards


    Presented by: Jill Taylor, President, CAHP – ACECP / Architect, Toronto, Ontario

    Presentation delivered by: Julie Harris, Secretary, CAHP – ACECP / Heritage Consultant, Ottawa, Ontario and Don Loucks, Director, CAHP / Architect, Toronto, Ontario, and



    CAHP jury members: Carl Bray, Nancy Labrecque, Louise LaLande, Marcus Létourneau, Barry Padolsky, John Stewart Mark Wronski; Community representatives: Sally Coutts, Elaine DeCoursey, Murray Gallant, Jerome Muller and Andrew Waldron



    Julie Harris, Don Loucks and Rosanne Moss

  • Award of Excellence for New Work on a Heritage Site

    Peter Berton & Pietro Frenguelli, +VG Architects


    Project: Fort Henry Discovery Centre Building and Heritage Impact Assessment

    The new interpretation centre at Fort Henry was preceded by a comprehensive heritage impact study and consultations. The result – the Discovery Centre – is elegantly integrated with minimal impact to the Fort Henry National Historic landscape and the larger UNESCO Rideau Canal World Heritage Site. The dynamic Centre provides barrier-free access to the Fort and offers engaging interpretive displays and expanded programming to increase visitor-ship and to enhance the experience.


    Photo Credit: Peter Chatterton
  • Award of Excellence for Heritage Planning – Heritage Management Plan

    Jozef Zorko , DMA Architectes, & David K. Cole, Cole + Associates Inc.


    Project: East Block, Southwest Tower; Water Infiltration and Structural Stabilization Investigation and Interim Repair

    Completed in 1870, this load-bearing masonry tower was ravaged by water infiltration resulting in fabric  deterioration – a saturated rubble core, voids and stone de-lamination.  The well-presented methodology describes a technically diligent investigation, study and rehabilitation options development process.  This project is a good example of a multi-disciplinary team working together addressing a number of complex issues.


    Photo Credit: Cole + Associates Inc.
  • Award of Excellence for Heritage Planning – Adaptive Reuse

    Mark Thompson Brandt, MTBA & Associates Inc., & David Clusiau, NORR Limited, & John Cooke, John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd.


    Project: Former Bank of Montreal – FHBRO Submission Package

    The former Bank of Montreal is among the federal government’s most distinguished buildings in the broader Parliament Precinct. Over four years, architects assembled an impressive set of documents to clearly lay out options, recommendations and implications of an ambitious conservation and adaptive reuse program. The Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office package included design explorations, research and development studied adaptive reuse opportunities consistent with national conservation standards and guidelines.


    Photo Credit: MTBA & Associates Inc.
  • Award of Merit for Conservation of Buildings, Structures, Engineering Works and Landscapes – Rehabilitation & Restoration

    Julia Gersovitz & Giovanni Diodati, Fournier Gersovitz Moss et Drolet Associés Architectes, & Jill Taylor, Taylor,  Hazell Architects Ltd., & Eric Jokinen, Jokinen Engineering Services, & Rod Stewart, Historic Plaster Conservation Services, & Philip V. Hoad, Empire Restoration

    Project: Elgin County Courthouse (within the St. Thomas Consolidated Courthouse Project)

    The renewed Elgin County Courthouse is a large justice facility that was built in 1853 and expanded in 1899. A comprehensive conservation project was undertaken by the Province of Ontario to address new justice requirements while retaining the splendour and dignity of the historic building. The jury noted the scope of the project and the complex task of addressing so many heritage issues, so diligently, in a single project.


    Photo Credit: Alain Laforest
  • Award of Excellence for Heritage Education, Awareness and Scholarship – Special Projects

    Edwin Rowse & Graeme Stewart, E.R.A. Architects Inc.


    Project: Gemini House

    This 1880’s Second Empire house on the downtown campus of the University of Toronto was transformed into a teaching model for heritage preservation and energy conservation.  The house within a house design uses one-third of the energy of current Ontario standards, while preserving the heritage features.  The team of building science engineers and heritage architects has created a new benchmark for sustainable design and heritage conservation that is both a demonstration project and a laboratory for heritage education.


    Photo Credit: Graeme Stewart & Edwin Rowse
  • Award of Excellence for Conservation of Buildings, Structures, Engineering Works and Landscapes – Restoration

    Kelly Gilbride, Stevens Burgess Architects Ltd.


    Project: Gore Park Fountain Restoration

    The Gore Park Fountain in Hamilton, Ontario, was constructed within the new park as a symbol of Hamilton’s progressive new Waterworks system in 1860. A century later it was dismantled and put in storage, until it was reinstated in its original location with some new parts and a new coating that proved to be very damaging to its fabric. A highly qualified conservation team was then called in to work on its repair and restoration to ensure its future. The jury noted the contracting process and coordination that resulted in an exceptionally talented conservation team.


    Photo Credit: Kelly Gilbride
  • Award of Excellence for Conservation of Buildings, Structures, Engineering Works and Landscapes – Rehabilitation & Restoration

    Michael McCLelland, E.R.A. Architects Inc.


    Project: John F. Taylor House – Residence for the Sisters of St. Joseph

    The jury was impressed by this project, which addressed the rehabilitation and restoration of a grand residence, constructed in 1885, next to a highly contemporary new building. The project integrated expert conservation skills with a sensitive design, expert craftsmanship and occupant needs into a single project.  The result is a new Residence for the Sisters of St. Joseph site that represents a nuanced and exciting meeting of heritage and contemporary design.


    Photo Credit: E.R.A. Architects
  • Award of Excellence for Conservation of Buildings, Structures, Engineering Works and Landscapes – Rehabilitation

    Graeme Duffus, G.F. Duffus and Co. Ltd


    Project: Halifax City Hall Stone Masonry Restoration

    Bill Hockey, Architectural Conservation Services

    Halifax City Hall, completed in 1890, is an ornate Second Empire style building that still serves as Halifax City Hall. In 2009, G.F. Duffus and Company Ltd. was engaged to undertake the restoration of its stone masonry, a project that expanded into a major conservation program. In addition to setting out a full Conservation Strategy, and applying a conservation approach throughout the project, the firm worked with and trained masons in collaboration with a conservator. The jury commended the project for its breadth and outcomes, but also noted that it represented an important model for a true partnership of an owner, lead consultant and contractor.


    Photo Credit: Graeme Duffus
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for an Individual

    Wendy Shearer

    The CAPH jury was unanimous in its recommendation that Ms. Wendy Shearer be recognized for her commitment and contribution to our profession and to the practice of heritage conservation in Canada. Her tireless service to community and to education on heritage conservation was especially noted by the jury. Citing her importance amongst her peers and to the general public, the jury identified Wendy as a leading authority and pioneer in building multi-disciplinary approaches to better understand historic and cultural landscapes. She exemplifies passionate dedication, precision and creativity – all qualities